The second day of the Olympiad
Contestants of the International Olympiad from Iran, China and Thailand took part in the first tour of the Olympiad today.
We asked our guests from Iran about their emotions after the tour:

‘Tasks were really captivating and interesting. We studied a lot in Iran with our teachers, so we were well-prepared and ready for solving them’
After the tour different leisure activities were offered for pupils from Iran, who participate in the Olympiad offline. They played floorball, which is a kind of hockey with a ball, and after that enjoyed the show of the Singing Fountains, located right in the heart of the federal territory ‘Sirius’.
The Singing Fountains complex in the ‘Sirius’ is a famous Olympic Cauldron, which has become the symbol of the beginning and the ending of the Olympic Games in Sochi. The construction is about 50 meters in height. 264 fountains with individual lighting are hidden underground and their jets are 70 meters in height.
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