20 APRIL 2023
“Sirius” is going to hold the International Mathematics Olympiad for the first time
For the first time, Sirius Educational Centre will be organizing the International Mathematics Olympiad, in which students from Russia, China, Iran and Thailand can take part.
The intellectual competition will take place on the federal territory “Sirius” during the final stage of the AROfS. There are two possible ways of participation: online and offline. It will last from April, 21 till April, 27 and during this period participants will work with partners, attend creative meetings, lectures and solve the tasks, which is of the main importance. The tasks will be translated into students’ native languages. Winners and prize-winners will be announced during the closing ceremony of the AROfS. The participants of the International Olympiad will get special presents from “Sirius”. Sirius Educational Centre has extensive experience in organizing and holding large-scale educational events, including the Olympiads. This year the Centre has provided foreign citizens with an opportunity to participate in the invitational stage of the AROfS. For this purpose, the tasks have been translated into English and the “Sirius.Courses” platform is now available beyond Russia.
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